SEVS d.o.o., Bežigrajska cesta 2, 3000 Celje
T: (03) 426 68 80, F: (03) 426 68 83, E:


SEVS d.o.o. (Staff head count: 11, Annual turnover: 606k€) is specialised on the manufacture and servicing of production processes in heavy and light industry. In particular, we make rapid intervention to produce certain metal products and intermediates, machining, engineering, manufacturing and construction services and offer various maintenance work in manufacturing processes.

We also manufacture boiler tanks and we can issue accreditation in accordance with the standard EN ISO / IEC 17020. Our experience guarantees manufacture quality. Moreover, we have developed in-house biodegradation reactors, usually we are producing conical ones with stirrers inside. SEVS is experienced in building aerobic as well as anaerobic reactors in different sizes and shapes.
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