SEVS d.o.o., BeĹžigrajska cesta 2, 3000 Celje
T: (03) 426 68 80, F: (03) 426 68 83, E:


Based on the experience and knowledge that we have acquired, we also machine shops and other services we offer various maintenance and welding.

The company is based in the service of production processes in heavy and light industry. We have organized on-call during regular business hours and emergency - 24 hours, as well as the rapid intervention to produce certain metal products and intermediates.

Our offer also includes construction of mechanical assemblies to the client. To issue a work performed all the necessary documentation required by the client.

Based on years of experience and knowledge, we offer those services at competitive prices and at the same time guarantee for quality manufacture. We know that only good business relations and cooperate correctly perform the work.
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